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First of all we have updated the windows version but also we have added a WEB and a ANDROID version ¡YUHU!

Also we have made some new changes and improvements:

  • On easy the characters have the same kind of reaction [Gameplay]
  • The upper number now shows the remaining time not the remaining balls [Gameplay]
  • Navigation and controls improved [UI & Gameplay]
  • Transition between scenes improved [Graphics]
  • New ball effect when the reaction time is close [Graphics]
  • Added a lot of balls images [Graphics]
  • Music now fits with the round time [Music]
  • Some minor bugs fixed


Brainsides v2.zip 39 MB
Dec 07, 2018
Brainsides v2.apk 59 MB
Dec 07, 2018
Brainsides Web Version Play in browser
Dec 07, 2018

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